Glass, not plastic. For a healthier
 planet and a healthier you!

About Our Glass To-Go Cups


Our glass cup, made of nearly indestructible thick glass with a rolled rim, is officially 21 ounces. However, personal tests have revealed it starts to overflow at 20 ounces. A coffee-house "grande" (16 oz) fits perfectly with enough space at the top for the ice to swirl a bit!

Our straws are made of borosilicate tubing and are the strongest glass commercially available. It is the strongest, most durable glass drinking straw possible, annealed to Corning Inc. specifications (a process that strengthens glass). The straws are also covered with an unbelievable Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage! This means that if it ever breaks, it will be replaced for free!

Our lid is designed to fit any standard straw, however it is highly recommended to “go all the way” and purchase the cup and straw as a package – not only having the greatest benefit on your health and the planet’s, but saving $1.50!

You can also drink acidic juices without leaching any plastic chemicals. The cups and straws are great for hot or cold drinks, microwave and dishwasher safe!!

Our shipping boxes are made from 30% recycled paper, and the filler is 100% recycled materials. We are working towards 100% recycled boxes as well.


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